Get excited about refreshing your home with our home decor ideas. We’ve collected tips and inspiration for a variety of needs, from major room overhauls to simple decor updates. Find color inspiration to add more vibrancy to your home, or find the latest in decor trends like modern accents, rustic details and other timeless styles.

Decorating Ideas

30 Accent Wall Ideas to Transform a Room

When you think about your home, is every room the way you envisioned it to be? If not, adding an accent wall is one way to transform your favorite room. Whether you want to splash a wall with a bright pop of color or add texture, we’ve compiled 30 different accent wall ideas for you […]

What is a Canvas Print? All You Need to Know

Decorating the walls of your home is a fun and personal project. It tells the story of your family to all the guests who walk in. Whether you want to display a family vacation or a timeline of school photos, canvas prints are an eye-catching way to show off your favorite photos. Not only do […]

75 Lively Purple Living Rooms

Traditionally, purple was known as the color of kings and it still adds a dramatic sumptuousness to any room. However, you no longer have to be in the ruling class to afford lavender accents. Violet touches are a perfect way to say something about the vibrancy of your character, but purple can also be calming […]

75 Refreshing White Living Rooms

Don’t think of it as absence, think of it as the perfect blank canvas for your most wonderful decoration ideas. White is a way to create expanse and clean lines for modern furniture, to give focus to specific artistic pieces that you want to highlight, and allows the elegance of accents to gain prominence. Whether […]

75 Delightful Black & White Living Rooms

Despite their differences, black and white fit together quite well as a color scheme. If you’re thinking of creating a black and white living room, you may be wondering how to add your unique style to the room. To get inspiration for your new room, we have put together 75 black and white living room […]

75 Enchanting Brown Living Rooms

Brown is a versatile color. From the dark shades of rich mahogany bookcases to lighter wood floors and ceilings, brown fits just about anywhere. You can add a bright accent color to your brown living room, or you can go for a room that uses all different shades of brown. If you need help planning […]

75 Charming Gray Living Rooms

The living room is where you spend a lot of your free time in the house. Whether you are watching TV, reading a book, or entertaining guests, choosing the right color scheme for your living room is very important. Gray is one of the most popular colors because it works so well with other colors—even […]

75 Inspiring Blue Living Rooms

It is amazing how the color blue can transform the feel of a room. A light blue ceiling mimics the daytime sky, creating a vast feeling of space. A dark navy blue can elicit the cozy feeling of sitting under the night’s stars. You can also get the nautical beach house look if you choose […]

75 Exciting Red Living Rooms

Ruby, crimson, scarlet, or cherry, whichever name you choose to call it, red is the color of passion, energy, and action. If you are looking to bring some excitement to your home, red living room decor is the way to do it. From exotic scarlet rugs to rose colored pillows to crimson colored living room […]