30 Accent Wall Color Combinations To Match Any Style

Looking to add character to your bedroom, living room or another favorite spot in the house? An accent wall is the perfect opportunity to add a pop of color without having to paint the whole room. Whether you opt for a dramatic chalkboard wall or softer tones, consider these accent wall color combinations to turn any room into a space you absolutely adore.

Blue and Sandstone

soft blue living room
Set the tone of your family room or bedroom to peaceful. With a creamy blue wall amidst white and tan hues, you’ll have a relaxing, beachy vibe without the mess of sand and water.

Green and Red Brick

green and brick accent walls
Amplify the energy of your favorite room by placing a brick wall perpendicular to a colored wall, like the green one here. The texture of the brick next to the smooth surface adds dimension and visual appeal. Decorate with accent items like framed photos, canvases and area rugs.

Black, Green and Cloudy Gray

black brick bedroom
Infuse texture into your bedroom or living room with a brick accent wall. Black bricks complement other neutral tones like white or grey—allowing colors like green to fully pop with personality.

Navy, Brown and Pink

navy blue bedroom accent wall
Don’t be afraid to try a bolder accent wall idea. A rich blue paint can offer character and depth to a bedroom, guest room or kid’s room. When alongside softer hues like brown and pink, this color combination is both striking and warm.

Black, White and Pebble Gray

modern black and white room
Build contrast in your living room color scheme by forming a floor-to-ceiling accent around your fireplace. Choose materials like stone, tile or brick to construct the feature wall. The dark gray shade in this arrangement provides a necessary blend between the black and white elements in the room.

Blue and Cream

blue patterned wallpaper
An accent wall doesn’t have to consist of a solid color. Opt for a pattern to give the room personality and shape. Complement the space with a photo wall that incorporates similar colors.

Candy Red and Light Sapphire

blue accent wall with red kettle
Notice the contrasting colors among the hardwood countertops, white walls and cabinets, and accent blue behind the stove. The accessories, like the red kettle, make the room pop and transform the kitchen from an ordinary space to one with a bright, youthful look.

Dark Clay with Pastel Blue and Pink

dark brick accent wall
Looking for accent wall ideas that bring texture to a room? Try a brick feature wall in your bedroom or office to amplify the energy. Accentuate the color scheme with soft blues, pinks and whites.

Black, White and Blonde

chalkboard accent wall
Black and white tones are commonly found together for a reason: they offer simple contrast and allow other colors to enhance the design. Decorate the space with black and white accents, like framed prints on the wall or blonde-colored wood features.

Bright Pink, Blonde and Green

bright pink accent wall
Brighten an entire space by painting a wall in a rich pink shade. Layer the room with other tones like light green and blonde to create a fresh and friendly feel.

Rich Blue and Soft Browns

dark blue and green wall
Your main accent surface doesn’t have to be a wall. It could be the ceiling, for example, like in this bathroom that features a rich blue ceiling. Pair the darker color with white walls and light brown tiles. Your bathroom will seem bright and open but will have character and contrast.

Canary Yellow, Black and White

bright yellow bookshelf
Step outside of a traditional feature wall. Paint the back panel of a bookshelf in a rich yellow to give life and color to the room.

Brown Blend with Black and White

black shiplap wall
This kitchen touts white cabinets—making the black paneled wall a stunning accent that doesn’t overpower the room. When paired with wooden features, like shelves and a dining table, this scheme seamlessly blends together a modern and classic style.

Earth Tones

soft blue accent wall
Bring an earthy vibe to your living room or family room by painting one wall in a soft blue. Layer in white and sandstone hues to create harmony and a sense of peace. Personalize the room with photo pillows and canvases.

Mint, Blonde and Charcoal Black

chalkboard wall with mint
Whether you’re designing a workspace or study area, consider a chalkboard wall for practical and inspirational purposes. Add colors like mint and blonde to the room for a soft, serene contrast.

Grays with Peanut Brown

dark gray wall
Some of the best accent wall color combinations are light and serene, like in this room that utilizes a grayscale gradient. With a darker accent wall next to white walls and curtains, the space is soft on the eyes and the spirit.

Soft Blues and Grays

light gray wall
Accent wall colors don’t need to be completely different to offer a room some character. Try a light blue paint next to a white or gray to form a soft, welcoming color combination.

Green, White and Black

green backsplash in kitchen
Give a narrow space a longer feel with a rich accent wall color, like this green kitchen backsplash. Build contrast with whites and blacks to infuse energy and balance into the design.

Sandstone, Sage and Sunny Yellow

palm wallpaper accent wall
Invite nature right into your living space with a leafy patterned accent wall. Cover one wall from floor to ceiling or use the design halfway with wainscotting. Involve other earth tones, like brown, sandstone and sunny yellow to round out your color composition.

Blue and Green

dark blue accent wall
Accent walls can be for more than just your living room and bedroom. Splash the wall of your staircase with a cheerful blue to make daily trips more fun.

Banana Yellow and Berry Blue

soft yellow accent wall
Illuminate your kitchen—or any room for that matter—by choosing a light yellow accent wall. Juxtapose the brightness with a darker hue like berry blue. Keep your accessories neutral, like your shelving and seating, as to not overpower the room with too much color.

Green, Tan and Redstone

green and orange walls
Make your outdoor areas as beautiful and stylish as your indoor spaces. Start with a green or white backdrop then accent with the opposite color. Bridge the scheme with redstone and sandy shades in pieces like your patio furniture and outside decor.

Mint with Gray

mint and white striped wall
Paint your feature wall in mint green to outline the space. Of all the accent wall colors, mint tends to be the most tranquil—ideal for a living room or bedroom. Opt for gray accent pieces like an area rug and ottoman to amplify the serene aura.

Navy and Tans

blue accent wall
If a warm and charming atmosphere is what you’re going for, consider navy accent paints. A darker feature wall offers a cozy sense to a bedroom, family room or office. Loop in tan shades and off-white touches in your couch, rug and throw pillows to balance the darker tones.

Black and White

black and white kitchen
This sleek kitchen showcases a stunning modern scheme. With its white cabinets and black backsplash, you have a chic and classic look all in one.

Light Sapphire and Blonde Wood

light blue cabinets
In your kitchen, use the cabinets for the accent color like the blue ones in this example. With a contrasting white backsplash, wall and shelving, you breathe character and depth into a small space. Wooden details—like your countertop and cutting boards—bring further dimension to this all-important room.

Navy, Blonde and Hunter Green

hunter green accent wall
Make a small room appear larger with a hunter green accent wall. Incorporate navy and blonde in your bed linens and accessories for a modern, fun color scheme. Try this design in a guest bedroom or kid’s room.

Pretty Blues and Sea Green

navy shiplap wall
A great feature wall isn’t just about choosing the right accent wall colors—it’s about building texture, too. Vertical paneling, like in this living room, adds extra visual appeal. By painting the panels blue, you achieve the dynamic duo of color and character.

Orange and Gray

bright orange door
Burst open your outdoor space with a splash of fun. Choose a door or side wall of your patio for adding the vibrant color, like this bright orange set of doors. Temper the rest of the area with a series of gray tones.

Black, Silver Gray and Off-White

chalkboard and white walls
With plenty of accent paints available, chalkboard paint is one that offers an extra dose of fun. Cover one wall with the paint to give you full reign to change the design any time you want—making it an ideal choice for kids’ rooms or a home office.

Even a simple accent wall can breathe fresh, energizing life into any space. Choose from our accent wall ideas and then decorate with framed photos, metallic prints or photo canvases.