197 Creative Baby Shower Themes

Hosting a baby shower is a great way to bring together family and friends to welcome a newborn. While traditionally baby showers were small gatherings with only female friends and relatives, today baby showers have expanded into co-ed affairs or fun themed parties. Picking a baby shower theme should reflect the personality and interests of the parents, but narrowing down all of the options can be a hassle. Depending on if your shower is a neighborhood potluck, a gender reveal or a simple Sunday brunch, we’ve gathered hundreds of baby shower theme ideas that will delight any parent-to-be.

No matter if you’re having a boy or girl, we’ve split up our theme ideas below to help you choose the best fit. If the gender is unknown, there are plenty of neutral baby shower themes—like campground fun, safari jungle or retro sophistication—to keep your guests excited. After you choose your theme, head over to the personalized gifts section for some party favors.

Baby Shower Themes for Boys

Before your go the regular ol’ “all blue” route, browse how others have taken their boy baby shower to the next level. You’ll find boy baby shower themes like trucks galore, safari animals and underwater adventures, to name a few.

Baby Shower Themes for Girls

Girl baby showers don’t have to be all pink and full of princesses (although we love those too!). Our girl baby shower themes include modern florals, whimsical metallics and classic lullabies.