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Gallery wall with six different photo prints in a variety of sizes and materials, including canvas print and acrylic prints
July 22, 2024

The Best Photo Prints: 6 Styles for Home Decor

Discover the best photo prints for your memories. Explore options like standard, large, canvas, metal, and more to find your perfect print. 5 min read

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summer memories displayed in a photo book
July 19, 2024

How to Preserve Your Summer Memories

Preserve your summer memories with personalized keepsakes and enjoy the warmth of your favorite moments throughout the year. 4 min read

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July 16, 2024

Ultimate Guide to Locker Decor Ideas

Discover creative locker decor ideas with Shutterfly's personalized items, perfect for making your school space stylish and organized! 5 min read

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collection of different photo print sizes
July 2, 2024

Choosing the Perfect Photo Print Sizes: A Comprehensive Guide

Explore ideal photo print sizes with Shutterfly’s guide, from standard to large formats, ensuring your memories are perfectly displayed. 4 min read

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Metal wall art in home
July 2, 2024

What is a Metal Print? Here’s What You Should Know

Discover the brilliance and durability of metal prints for your home decor. Learn tips for choosing, displaying, and customizing your metal photo prints. 6 min read

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June 26, 2024

The Best Canvas Prints: 8 Styles for Any Home

Hanging canvas prints can be the missing element you need to transform any space whether it be your home or office. With a variety of canvas wall art options to choose from, this guide will inform you of the best high-quality canvas wall art prints. 9 min read

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Canvas prints hanging on wall.
June 26, 2024

Creating Personalized Canvas Prints Online

When it comes to decorating your home with small and large custom canvas prints, you can create the best personalized canvas prints online in a few simple steps. Turn your prints into beautiful works of art with canvas prints to frame or hang on the wall. 5 min read

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fleece photo blanket and a photo pillow
June 24, 2024

How to Make a Blanket With Pictures

Keep your memories close with a personalized fleece photo blanket from Shutterfly. Design a picture blanket as a gift or your own piece of custom home decor. 5 min read

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Metal prints on wall.
June 10, 2024

Complete Guide To The Best Metal Photo Prints

Capture your favorite memories and create your own metal photo prints. For a rundown of different types of custom metal prints, tips on how to use them, and design and hanging hacks, we’ve created this complete guide to the best metal photo prints. 9 min read

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April 4, 2024

Custom Photo Books: 8 Types for the Coffee Table

Browse through eight of our most popular photo books for the home and choose which style will look best on your coffee table. Shutterfly photo books are perfect for displaying family moments, travel memories, pet photos, and more of your personal images. 6 min read

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April 3, 2024

How to Design a Coffee Table Photo Book

Photo books are excellent coffee table additions for showcasing design samples, beloved family photos, or snapshots from special occasions, holidays, and vacation trips. Check out our coffee table photo book ideas to learn how to create your very own. 6 min read

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March 28, 2024

50+ Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts From the Heart

Create a homemade Mother’s Day gift just for Mom this year that she'll absolutely love. Make your own gifts and home decor, or choose from our wide selection of home goods at Shutterfly for mom as you plan Mother's Day gifts that come from the heart. 6 min read

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