How To Decorate Your Coffee Table

A well-decorated coffee table has the power to instantly transform the ambiance of your living room and elevate it to an entirely new level. Wondering how to style a coffee table? Whether you want to add color to your space, declutter the area, or display a few personal touches of home decor, decorating your coffee table can bring style and functionality to the living room. While the possibilities are vast, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite coffee table decor ideas to help you get started.

Coffee Table Centerpiece Ideas

coffee table photo book
While your coffee table can be the landing space for remote controls, magazines, and at the end of a long day — a place to rest your feet, it can also be a place where your style can come to life. Bring your coffee table display up a notch with our decorative centerpiece ideas. Make a statement with some fresh flowers, a travel photo book, a large tray, and tons more creative options for coffee table centerpieces.

Modern Pieces

If you lean toward mid-century modern or contemporary style, choose a coffee table with clean lines and classic colors, and then add accents. Pair a marble, teak or walnut coffee table with a geometric vase. For the centerpiece, fill a long brass tray with stones and tea lights, or, for an equally upscale alternative, use a display keepsake box with gold trim instead.

A Stack Of Books

6x6 mini photo book with photos of a baby
Whether you’re displaying novels or your gorgeous wedding photo album, stacked books are a timeless coffee table centerpiece. For a minimalist approach, display just one book at a time. A coffee table book featuring pictures of artwork or nature provides visual interest, while the latest best-seller serves as a conversation starter. For more drama, display a few varieties to draw the eye around the tabletop. If you’re currently into the classics, cooking, gardening, or fashion, your coffee table design can evolve along with your interests.

Fruit Bowl

Sophisticated yet fun, a personalized bowl can be the center of attention in your living room. You won’t forget your daily serving of fruit if you place a unique bowl of it (apples are perfect) right on your coffee table. Plus, it’ll add a fun touch to your decor.

Bring The Outdoors In

custom vasesTo capture the farmhouse aesthetic, bring the outdoors inside by adding greenery to your coffee table styling — either cut flowers or potted plants work for a refreshing feel. Wooden décor also provides a natural touch. Accessorize its surface with elements that provide a welcoming feel — a simple engraved vase with a few fresh flowers or a lantern displaying small pillar candles provides a homey vibe.

Make It Seasonal

If you love nothing more than changing the throw pillows on your sofa from season to season, adopt the same approach for your coffee table. A simple arrangement of seasonally appropriate flowers, along with complimentary candles and coffee table books, are all it takes.

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In the spring and summer, opt for colorful bouquets of fresh flowers in custom mason jars. Then, as the temperatures drop, arrange branches of autumn leaves in a vase. A poinsettia is a classic option for the winter, and an evergreen wreath is just as fitting.

Display Collectibles

If you enjoy collecting items, like brass decorative objects or personalized mugs, display your favorites on your coffee table. It’s a great way to showcase your design aesthetic and add character to your table arrangement.

Cocktail Coffee Table

custom drinkware
For the frequent entertainer, display your collection of glasses and bottles for a luxe aesthetic. Start with a mirrored, silver, or burnished metal tray in the center of your table. Next, fill it with custom decanters of varied shapes and styles. As the finishing touch, bring in a few interactive elements — a deck of personalized playing cards and a checker set are party games that double as decor.

Decorative Sculpture

Replace the regular vase or flower with decorative sculpture. This is perfect to create a distinctive look without abandoning a simple, classic look. You can surround this sculpture with unique items, such as seashells or vintage ashtrays.

How To Style A Coffee Table

There are countless ways to style a coffee table centerpiece, whether you’re working with a square or round coffee table, a wooden or glass coffee table, or even a coffee table with storage. There is some science to creating a stunning tablescape, such as using objects in varying heights, but the magic mainly comes from an artful mix of fresh flowers, coffee table books, trays, and unexpected objects. Using Here is our go-to decorating formula that you can try right away in your own home. Follow our tips to style your coffee table in a way that is eye-catching yet functional.

Set The Foundation With A Focal Point

Select a large piece or two that will stand out. This could be a vase, jar, large tray, or sculptural object. You’ll be styling the rest of the coffee table decor around this piece. Our top two focal point recommendations are large trays and vases. If you choose a vase or jar as your focal point, you’ll have the added benefit of filling it regularly with fresh greenery, faux succulents, or fresh flowers

Incorporate Varying Levels

coffee table decor
The key to any good coffee table is a variety, of both texture and height. This doesn’t have to mean a floral arrangement in a tall breakable vase that you can barely see over. Things like ceramic candles, stacked boxes, bowls, and mid-size sculptural objects are easy ways to play with height.

Add A Runner

If you’ve got an upholstered coffee table, like an ottoman, try using a runner to play with patterns. You could add a tray on top if you want, but it’ll add enough visual interest on its own.

Place Small Decorative Trinkets

coffee table decorIncorporating smaller decorative objects in just the right size that fill in the gaps will help make the setup aesthetically pleasing. When selecting accessories, make sure you think about the theme of the table overall. Include a candle, candle snuffer, and box of matches: lighting a candle will make your living room cozier in two seconds.

Organize With A Basket

Not working with a ton of storage space on your coffee table? No problem. A small but chic storage basket can slide right under your coffee table to offer up extra room for stashing stuff.

Make It Maximalist

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Too much of a good thing can be wonderful, especially when it comes to decorating your coffee table. Fill your coffee table home decor with a medley of books, candles, magazines, catchalls, and baubles, and provides the perfect amount of style.

Spruce It up With Symmetry

When decorating your coffee table, remember that placement matters, too. A symmetrical setup, like the two stacks of books separated by a plant terrarium in the center will instantly update any coffee table surface.

Add Some Cute Coasters

custom coasters
A few eye-catching coasters can work wonders for a drab coffee table. Employ an artful custom coaster or two on your coffee table to bring a pop of personality to your living room.

A Sleek Set Up

coffee table decor
A single decor accent can be all it takes to make a statement on a coffee table. Whether with a colorful tray or a bold book, a lone (but attractive) decorative object can make a big impact on a coffee table.

Wrapping Up

You can switch out your coffee table decor every year or go along with the seasons. Whatever you decide, following these simple rules will ensure that your decor is unique and personal. If you need more ideas on how to decorate your coffee table, check out our home accents for the perfect personal touch.

Photo books are great coffee table additions for showcasing design samples, family photos, or anything else. They make excellent conversation starters or reading materials for waiting guests. So whether you’re looking for coffee table display materials for an office, guest house, or your home, we have you covered. Check out our favorite coffee table photo book ideas.

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