80 Creative Photo Book Ideas

Creating a photo album or instant book takes a lot of work and planning, and it helps to have some inspiration on hand to get those creative juices flowing.

We’ve compiled 80 of the best photo book ideas that will help inspire your next book. There are ideas for every type of photo album including vacation memories, weddings and even an album for your pet! You’re sure to find something special.

With inspiration in hand, browse our dozens of photo book options, from premium professional photo books to quick and easy photo books, we’ll help you find the best album that captures your memories. From your favorite prints to remembering your best holiday cards from over the years, a photo book is a great place to reminisce.

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My Furry Friend photo book

My Furry Friend

If your family consists of you and your pet, don't shy away from celebrating your favorite furry friend. Re-create favorite moments with an at-home photo shoot.

Photo credit: k_is_for_kat

Hello Autumn photo book

Hello Autumn

Create seasonal photo books to catalogue your growing family over the months.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Personal Coffee Table photo book

Personal Coffee Table

Display your photo book with pride as a luxe coffee table. The theme can be anything—family, landscapes and more.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Bedtime Stories photo book

Bedtime Stories

Get your little one into the bedtime routine with a custom storybook. You can include photos of them going on an adventure with friends and family to encourage their imagination and interest in reading.

Photo credit: jamieswart

All in A Year photo book

All in A Year

Celebrate your past year as a family by filling it with vacations, favorite activities and more.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Color Coordinated photo book

Color Coordinated

Make your recent adventure look extra luxe by tweaking the contrast and brightness. Even better, put your Instagram skills to use and add filters to create a color-coordinated look.

Photo credit: _ktrinac

Winter Getaway photo book

Winter Getaway

Did you spend the winter skiing? Save your favorite photos to cosy up with during snowy days.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Love of My Life photo book

Love of My Life

Fill your photo album with favorite candids of your and your loved one for a sweet surprise gift. Decorate your album with quotes from your favorite movie, song, or a funny inside joke.

Photo credit: linds_tagram

Spring is Here! photo book

Spring is Here!

Add some spring in your step by capturing your favorite season in a festive photo book.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Adventure Awaits photo book

Adventure Awaits

Have a recent grad in your family? Gift them a photo book of their favorite school year memories.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Best Mom Ever photo book

Best Mom Ever

Remind Mom how special she is to you with a book filled with photos of the two of you.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Celebrate Motherhood photo book

Celebrate Motherhood

For Mother's Day, create a photobook showcasing everything you love about her.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Drawings for Mom photo book

Drawings for Mom

Scan your child's favorite drawings as a special keepsake to remember their artistic skills.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Best Dad Ever photo book

Best Dad Ever

Dad deserves to be celebrated. So create a photo book with your favorite memories of them.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Time With Dad photo book

Time With Dad

Create a photo book that doubles as a DIY gift. Include blank pages for your little one to color in!

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Feeling Happy photo book

Feeling Happy

Have a favorite family outing? Remind yourself of the good ol' days with a photo book of it.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Salty Hair Don't Care photo book

Salty Hair Don't Care

Make a photo book of your recent beach getaway. Include photos of the sunset and weekend BBQs.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Enjoy Every Moment photo book

Enjoy Every Moment

Create a book of the little things in life, like a weekday outing or time spent at home.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Favorite Landscapes photo book

Favorite Landscapes

If you're a budding landscape photographer, showcase your work of beautiful scenery.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Surf, Sand and Sea photo book

Surf, Sand and Sea

Play with different shapes and sizes in your photo book. And don't forget to include the details!

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Beach Day photo book

Beach Day

Did you have an impromptu getaway? Celebrate your mini vacation with photos of your day.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

European Adventures photo book

European Adventures

Document your recent visit overseas by printing your favorite photos for a memory book.

Photo credit: emma_matheson_photo

Photos of Fido photo book

Photos of Fido

Constantly snapping photos of Fido? Print your pictures for a playful photo book. This is perfect for your home or as a going away gift for a family member.

Photo credit: nickie.internationalyorkie

Art School Memories photo book

Art School Memories

Display your art school projects with pride. This photo album also makes for a great school "yearbook" or as a thank you gift for your favorite teacher.

Photo credit: bcsartdesign

Street Style Shots photo book

Street Style Shots

If you love capturing the new trends in fashion, catalog all your new findings to see how street style changes over the years.

Photo credit: strandstyle

Photographer's Portfolio photo book

Photographer's Portfolio

Impress your next clients with a chapter book of your favorite photo shoots!

Photo credit: leighannebraderphotography

A Confectioner's Creations photo book

A Confectioner's Creations

Are you a professional chef or baker? Document your grandest creations to help clients make catering decisions.

Photo credit: winterbakery

Family Memories photo book

Family Memories

Surprise your partner with a family portraits book! You can have photos professionally done or do an impromptu photo shoot in a favorite family hangout spot.

Photo credit: aeriel.orndorff.photography

Everyday Kids photo book

Everyday Kids

Capture those sweet moments while they're still young. Create a photo book of your child in their everyday—from playtime outside to cuddling up with a storybook.

Photo credit: sarah_hill

Neighborhood Love photo book

Neighborhood Love

Who says you have to only print special memories? Go on a photo shoot around your neighborhood and capture things you might overlook in the day-to-day. This also makes for a great gift for a dear friend that's moving.

Photo credit: samlichtenstein

Sibling Love photo book

Sibling Love

Document how much fun your kids have together with a monthly photo book. Not only will it track how much they've grown, but also that sweet brotherly love.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

End of Year Report photo book

End of Year Report

Have a phone filled with photos from the year? Unload them into an annual family photo album so you can get back to photographing the new year!

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Gifts for Grandparents photo book

Gifts for Grandparents

Family photo albums don't have to just be left on the living room bookshelf. They also make great gifts for grandparents and far away family members.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Springtime Fun photo book

Springtime Fun

If you're not an everyday photo taker, collect your pictures over the course of a few months. This photo album is seasonally themed to create a sweet, springtime book.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Field Trip Time photo book

Field Trip Time

Did your family just go on a fun day trip? Remember your impromptu field trip and include photos of sights seen, foods eaten and roads traveled.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

The Cat’s Meow photo book

The Cat’s Meow

Cats are part of the family too! Remember your furry friend with a fun photo album of them eating their favorite treat or snuggling up in their favorite part of the house.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Your Engagement Party photo book

Your Engagement Party

If you can't wait for the big day bash, create an engagement party photo album to remember when everyone celebrated the upcoming nuptials. It's also a perfect reminder for when wedding planning gets a little too stressful.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Will You Marry Me? photo book

Will You Marry Me?

Your proposal is such a magical moment. Tell the story of when he got down on one knee with a photo album.

Photo credit: littlemisssheila

Be My Valentine photo book

Be My Valentine

Nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" better than a thoughtful photo album. Fill your album with photos of you and your Valentine and include sweet messages to make them feel special.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

You Are Loved photo book

You Are Loved

You don't need a holiday or anniversary to tell someone they're loved. Surprise them with a special photo book of all your special moments as you've been dating.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Pumpkin Patch photo book

Pumpkin Patch

A visit to the pumpkin patch is worth remembering. Capture this, or any fun holiday trip, in a photo album.

Photo credit: ceciliaharvard

Learn Your ABCs  photo book

Learn Your ABCs

Help your budding kindergartner learn their ABCs with a custom photo album. Take photos of their favorite things from each letter in the alphabet for a book that'll keep their attention.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

New Additions photo book

New Additions

If you're family is growing, create a photo book for each new addition. Each child will love to see their own special book and you'll slowly have your own family encyclopedia.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Snow Day photo book

Snow Day

Everyone loves a snow day. Remember your child's pure bliss and create a photo album that'll warm anyone's heart.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Winter Wonderland photo book

Winter Wonderland

Gather all your favorite photos leading up to the holidays for a photo album that will make Christmas Day feel even more special.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Last Year Lookback photo book

Last Year Lookback

Decorate your photo album with funny moments over the years like goofing off at home, family stay-vacations or poses with the family pet.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Lunchtime Learning photo book

Lunchtime Learning

Make lessons at home more fun with a custom ABC book. Even better, try other simple reading and math books. For example, teach your child addition by having him count photos taken of his favorite toys.

Photo credit: pageherrera

Selfie Game Strong photo book

Selfie Game Strong

Would your selfie game put a Kardashian to shame? Don't hide it away, proudly display your photos in a self-love photo album.

Photo credit: turquoiseavenue

A Book of Firsts photo book

A Book of Firsts

The first year of a newborn's life is an exciting one. Remember moments like their first laugh, first steps and first bite of food with a book of firsts photo album.

Photo credit: digiscraphq

First Birthday Party photo book

First Birthday Party

A baby's first birthday is full of special moments like tasting the cake, opening presents and portraits of loved ones. Make a first birthday photo book your little one can revisit every year.

Photo credit: pizzazzerie

Friends Forever photo book

Friends Forever

Send your best friend a special reminder of your time spent together with a BFF photo book. This makes for the perfect birthday gift or a sweet memento for a friend moving away.

Photo credit: lbtoma

Year in Review photo book

Year in Review

If your family recently did a photo shoot, print your favorite candids to make a fun album to send to grandparents, aunts and uncles, godparents and more.

Photo credit: mrsduryee

Study Abroad photo book

Study Abroad

Did you just spend a semester abroad? Document your favorite parts of your trip like weekend excursions, new cuisines you loved and international monuments.

Photo credit: mochisowner

Your Favorite Week photo book

Your Favorite Week

If you recently took an unforgettable trip, document your favorite moments. Include photos of scenery and don't forget to include the place and date so you can revisit it in the future.

Photo credit: charityvictoria

Adoption Album photo book

Adoption Album

Create a photo album to share with an adoption agency as you expect the arrival of your new family member. Include photos of your home, baby's new room and any family pets.

Photo credit: bramandjill

Anniversary Album photo book

Anniversary Album

Have you and your partner hit a dating or marriage milestone? Create an anniversary photo album of your favorite moments as a couple, like your first date, vacations and meeting families.

Photo credit: meghanphillips

Best Travel Moments photo book

Best Travel Moments

Can't pick a favorite trip from the year? Compile all your best travel photos into one book to keep the memories alive.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

First Day of Snow photo book

First Day of Snow

The first day of snow brings so many photo ops. Kids sledding, white snow on tree tops and warm sips of hot cocoa. This can work for capturing any first day of a new season.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Reasons I Love You photo book

Reasons I Love You

It's hard to sometimes remind someone how much we appreciate them. Next time, create a "Reasons I Love You" photo book, filled with photos of your loved one.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Instagood photo book


Instagram addicted? Download and print all your favorite 'grams into an annual photo album. Your carefully selected filters will pop on print.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Favorites from Fall photo book

Favorites from Fall

The bright hues of autumn are just asking for a photo shoot. Take the family to a pumpkin patch or outside to play in the leaves—whatever you capture will make for great candids.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Movin' on Up photo book

Movin' on Up

Are you all moved in and settled into a new home? Celebrate your achievement with a "Movin' on Up" photo album. Take shots around the house, out in the yard and around the neighborhood.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

The Everyday photo book

The Everyday

Overlay multiple photos, like an architectural backdrop paired with you and your loved one, for an intriguing printed album that seems more like a piece of art.

Photo credit: shay.georden

Road Trip photo book

Road Trip

Did you recently go on an epic road trip? Pair your photos with other fun designs, like maps tracking your travels, postcards and iconic images from the cities you visited.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Family Yearbook photo book

Family Yearbook

Have a new addition on the way? Collect photos from before and after Junior's birth to create a family yearbook. Bonus points if you include family superlatives.

Photo credit: thesweetestdigs

Cool Kids photo book

Cool Kids

Admit it, we like to brag about how cool our kids are. Create a photo album showing off their style and goofy attributes.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Summer at Camp photo book

Summer at Camp

Was your summer at camp filled with memories? Create a photo album with your favorite moments like outdoor adventures, late night campfires and mess hall fun.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

OOTD photo book


Are your photos mostly #ootd inspired? Catalog your favorite looks in a photo album to revisit next time you're saying "I have nothing to wear!"

Photo credit: kelley_sarah

Toddler Years photo book

Toddler Years

They grow up so fast! Don't forget to save these important milestones, like first day at Kindergarten, first soccer game, first theme park ride and more.

Photo credit: jessecoulter

Air Mail photo book

Air Mail

Document your family's first time on a plane! Take shots waiting in the airport, carrying baggage, admiring planes and, of course, photos from the air.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Generations of Dad photo book

Generations of Dad

Upgrade your Father's Day present by creating a photo album of dads over the decades. Include photos of great grandparents, grandparents and dad as a book perfect for all generations.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Happy Mother's Day photo book

Happy Mother's Day

Show mom how much you care with a sweet photo album of all her favorite moments with the family. From past vacations to lounging on the couch, mom will feel the love with every page turn.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

New Graduate photo book

New Graduate

Document this major achievement by creating a graduate photo album. Include photos of your graduate at school, with their friends and walking in cap & gown.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Why We Love Mom photo book

Why We Love Mom

For mom's next birthday, send her a photo album of all the reasons why you love her. Include reasons like her kindness, reliability, generosity and more.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Poems for Mom photo book

Poems for Mom

If you're the family wordsmith, include thoughtful poems alongside poems for mom. Even if you can't think of the right words, look to famous quotes from her favorite movies or books.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Landscape Love photo book

Landscape Love

If you find yourself snapping photos of the wildlife around you, create a photo album filled with your favorite landscape shots. It'll make for the perfect custom coffee table book.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Spring is in the Air photo book

Spring is in the Air

Celebrate new life and sunshine with a springtime photo album. Include shots of green fields, budding tulips and more.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Black and White photo book

Black and White

Elevate any family photo album instantly with a black and white treatment. By converting all your photos to black and white, it'll feel like an editorial magazine shoot!

Photo credit: whatdreamsmaybecome

Flower Child photo book

Flower Child

Make a day out of exploring and photographing your finds in nature. Once completed, compile all your photos into a fun nature book.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Taste of Paradise photo book

Taste of Paradise

A trip to a tropical paradise can't end without a collection of your breathtaking images. Bring a waterproof camera to include some underwater fun!

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Happy Love Day photo book

Happy Love Day

Celebrate your own unique holiday, like National Love Day, and capture all your celebrations. Some fun holidays to celebrate include National Donut Day, Look Alike Day or Great Poetry Reading Day.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Little Book of Memories photo book

Little Book of Memories

Make every little moment, from cuddling up on the couch to walks to the coffee shop, seem like a cherished memory.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Her Style photo book

Her Style

If your kid is a budding fashionista, document their expressions in a printed book. They'll love browsing through past outfits just as much as posing for photos.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Christmas Memories photo book

Christmas Memories

Cutting down the Christmas tree, baking gingerbread, making the family roast—there are so many wonderful memories during the holidays. Include family recipes and favorite holiday songs to revisit year after year.

Photo credit: Shutterfly

Bachelorette Weekend photo book

Bachelorette Weekend

A bachelorette weekend comes and goes in a flash. Create a sweet photo album for the bride with photos from the trip.

Photo credit: kenn__jordan

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