How to Make a Mason Jar Snow Globe in 7 Easy Steps

Handcrafting your gifts, decorations and keepsakes provide a truly meaningful touch—and snow globes are no exception. Luckily, you can create mason jar snow globes with a few simple supplies and a little bit of time. If you’re wondering how to make snow globes with mason jars, we’ve included three simple ways that you can pick based on your personal style.

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How To Make A Mason Jar Snow Globe

Creating mason jar snow globes can be done in a matter of minutes with just a few materials. With our 7-step guide below, you can make beautiful, timeless snow globes for your home and for family and friends.

What you’ll need

Row of supplies for a mason jar snow globe

  • Tree ornament
  • Glitter (2 tablespoons per globe)
  • Clear glue (2 ounces per globe)
  • Warm water (1 cup per globe)
  • Mason jar
  • Spoon
  • Glue gun

Step 1: Secure your ornament to the lid

Using a glue gun, carefully glue the bottom of your tree ornament to the mason jar lid. Make sure to use enough glue to secure the ornament. Set aside to dry.

Gluing ornament to snow globe bottom

Step 2: Add clear glue to your jar

Add approximately 2 ounces of clear glue into your jar.

Add clear glue to mason jar

Step 3: Add warm water and stir

Pour 1 cup of warm water into your jar and stir the mixture with a spoon.

Pouring warm water intro mason jar

Step 4: Add glitter and stir

Pour in 2 tablespoons of glitter (silver or white glitter works best). Then stir thoroughly with a spoon.

Add glitter then stir

Step 5: Place the lid

Take the lid with your ornament and place it face down into the mason jar. The lid should rest evenly on the jar’s top rim.

Add ornament and lid to mason jar

Step 6: Seal the jar tightly

Take the outer piece of the jar’s lid and secure it tightly. Give it an extra twist to ensure the jar is tightly sealed. Add glue to the lid to prevent any leaking if needed.

Tightly close mason jar

Step 7: Shake and enjoy!

Make sure your snow globe is completely sealed by shaking it carefully at first.

Final mason jar snow globe

Then shake away and watch the snow fall!

download mason jar infographic

Additional Mason Jar Snow Globe Ideas

Homemade snow globes aren’t limited to just one design: there are plenty of ways to personalize them. Put a creative touch on your mason jar snow globes using the additional ideas below. You may discover one of them as the ideal holiday gift for your family and friends.

Miniature Snow Globe

Snow globe made with tiny homes
Create a little wintery scene by placing figurine houses inside of your mason jar snow globe. First, make sure the figurines fit in the size of your jar. Next, follow each step in our guide above to secure the houses to the lid and construct your own snowy little neighborhood.

No-Water Snow Globe

Snow globe without water
To make a no-water snow globe, glue your figurines or ornaments to the bottom of the jar (not the lid). Then fill the bottom of the jar with two to three tablespoons of fake snow or sugar to act as the snow.

To create the look of fluffy snowballs falling from the sky, like in the photo above, string cotton balls onto pieces of white-colored thread. Glue one end of each thread to the mason jar lid. When you secure the lid, you’ll have a snowy scene without any of the water, glitter or glue. Create a no-water snow globe in your own style, using a snowman, Santa or another favorite holiday character.

Final Thoughts on Mason Jar Snow Globes

No matter your design, mason jar snow globes make for a fun, festive decor. Get your home even more ready for the holidays by personalizing your own ornaments. If you’re looking for more ideas and inspirations, take browse these mason jar ideas.