Business Card Paper Types & Options

Have you ever thought about appealing to more than the eye and mind when you hand out your business cards? What about subtly making potential clients sit up and take notice by the feel of your business card in their hand? Business card paper should be so much more than cheap cardstock, it should be part of a sensorial art.

Think about trying one of these business card paper options that when you print up your next batch of business cards and you’ll be sure to feel the difference.

  1. Glossy: Glossy cardstock is the business card paper to choose if you are planning on printing a photo on your business card. You can also choose this paper for your business card if you want a shiny logo or just a glossy card.
  2. Matte: Matte cardstock features a silky and smooth surface but not shiny like the glossy business card paper, and can be a great choice for simple business cards and something more elaborate.
  3. Textured: Textured business card paper will really make your business card stand out and be unique. This paper really appeals to the touch and when you hand your business card to your clients they are sure to be tempted to give your business card a feel or two.
  4. Regular: Regular cardstock is just as it sounds, the usual run-of-the-mill cardstock. It is usually the cheapest and most used for business cards especially at bulk copying companies.

Business card templates and designs are important, but when you choose business card paper, remember that you are not just choosing what your clients see or feel, you are choosing what sort of impact you have on the environment. That’s why most business card printing companies now offer the eco-friendly option of choosing recycled or partially recycled paper. When you make the choice to use this paper you are sending another message to your clients, that you care about important things such as preserving the earth for everyone.