300 Yearbook Ideas

Choose a Yearbook Style

Yearbooks used to come in standard templates and sizes, but with design becoming more prevalent in our lives, students love to get creative with their yearbook designs. With all the potential at their fingertips, it helps to find some inspiration to guide the creative process. We’ve assembled 300 yearbook ideas for your next project. Capture memories like winning the homecoming game, the buzz at the science fair or the excitement of the first school dance.

Whether you’re looking for elementary, middle school or high school yearbook ideas, we’ve included a variety of ideas to choose from. Select below which part of a yearbook you need help with (pages, cover, themes or a clever quote) and sort through all the options.

If you prefer more guidance, browse our custom templates and get a yearbook quote. Our online process makes it easy to design and order so your memories arrive in no time.

Yearbook Themes

A yearbook theme sets the mood for the entire book. Do you want to go classic school spirit? Or do you want to standout with bright colors and fun embellishments? Whichever option you choose, browse our 80 yearbook themes for a perfect fit.

Yearbook Covers

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but a yearbook cover sets the stage for the rest of the pages. If you’re having trouble thinking up the perfect cover, browse our 80 yearbook cover ideas ranging from simple designs to school year masterpieces.

Yearbook Pages

Don’t miss a chance to show off your design skills and creative thinking. Instead of your standard layouts, try overlaying fun quotes, adding small icons and playing with bright colors. We’ve compiled 80 yearbook page ideas to help out.

Yearbook Quotes

The perfect yearbook quote is equal parts creativity, nostalgia and personal reflection. But if you’re stuck with the same ol’ song lyric or poem, check out our 60 yearbook quote ideas. Sort sayings based on funny, inspirational and more.